Do What Tastes Right

In this Wendy’s advertisement, it states, ” Do What Tastes Right.”  But who’s to say what we think tastes right?

The logical fallacy is the fact that Wendy’s tastes good.  A lot of people don’t like Wendy’s, and a lot of people do, but not everyone does.  This fallacy is an induction.  The creators of this advertisement wants people to believe that Wendy’s taste “right,” and they point out simple inductive clues for people to see what they are trying to point out.

The creators of this ad included the picture of their triple cheese burger, to attract people’s taste buds and appetite-or so they think.  In this inductive ad, it plays out like this: Wendy’s tastes right. A triple cheese burger tastes right, therefore, Wendy’s triple cheese burger taste right.  As for the logic in it, well they assume: that everyone is attracted to triple cheese burgers, and everyone loves Wendy’s, therefore, who can resist Wendy’s’ triple cheese burger.

Clearly, this advertisement for Wendy’s is a great example of inductive logical fallacies.  It can teach students, like me, the way these inductive arguments can be used in real world scenarios.  The Inductive Fallacy

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