Call of Technology

As a nine year old kid 50 years ago and even today, many of the kids played with toy guns either as a cowboy, or sometimes a soldier; Today, many kids do the same thing, but now we have the opportunity to imagine these adolescent visions with realistic scenarios, and with a controller in their hand instead of a wooden gun. When we imagine these situations whether it is today or 50 years ago, we completely separate ourselves from the world, and we are now a hero or a villain for that moment- that was 10 years ago.  As technology advances, so does the ability to make our nine-year-old fantasies more realistic than ever.  The video game counsel brings opportunities to everyone that lets us separate from the world again, just like in our nine-year-old fantasies, but ten times more epic.  In the revolutionary new game Call of Duty, players experience action, adventure, twists and the good old blood and gore – more fantastic than imagination can produce.

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter game where you play as a soldier in which you are given life-jeopardizing situations.  Each Call of Duty has its own story:  In the earlier chapters, you fight historic battles that were fought during World War 2 – the more recent ones however are taken place present-day, in battles that have not taken place.  In the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you play multiple roles as a British special operations recruit, and an American soldier fighting on U.S. soil.  You have a myriad number of weapons to choose from, and hi-tech equipment to support your services.

The story that tags along with the game play has everything that could intrigue a player to want to finish the game so they know the entire story; somewhat of like a “hands-on” movie or television show.

Throughout the course of each game, the level of intensity goes up tremendously.  Sometimes you might have to fight a battalion of Nazi’s by yourself with one clip of ammunition, or portray the character of an elite sniper about to assassinate a drug lord that commands a rebellion army in Western Soviet Union.   Call of Duty is a great game that explores the life of soldiers, and gives you tasks that one can’t ever imagine doing.  What get’s some is the story behind the game.  In the new game Modern Warfare 2, there’s a great conspiracy behind the attack on American soil.  Conspiracy and secrets drive this game, and honestly, no one can resist them.  Beyond the covert missions and the espionage, you can drive vehicles like boats and cars, operate aerial weaponry and even go underwater for scuba operations.

Besides the awesome detail that is only a small glimpse of this action packed game thriller, another reason why the Call of Duty franchise is peaking, is the fact that online play is now available, and greater than ever before.  Playing with 20 or more players online on your favorite map in head-to-head competition is fun, for most.  There are many different forms of games like fight to the death; capture the command point and Call of Duty even has a zombie mode.  If you haven’t played Call of Duty: Modern

Warfare 2, then you may not appreciate the game, but everybody knows someone who plays Call of Duty, and that’s why it has spread like wildfire throughout the world.

“First person shooter arcade games invite a high degree of deindividuation amongst players, reformulate the functions of play, and re-map the geographies and social networks in which play takes place” (Hall).   Now a days, kids prefer to play console games like Call of Duty over the classic ho-hum game Connect Four.  As each game company creates an advanced game, the other competing companies will try to defeat the opposing game, it’s simple business.  Infinity Ward, the creators of Call of Duty, has breached the level of expectancy for gamers with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: “With Modern Warfare 2, the sheer amount of hype has been practically inescapable, with preorders alone setting it up as one of the biggest selling games of all time, the addition of even more multiplayer modes and features” (Bozon).

During a time of war, the news televises events and dates that have been important to the progression to win the war.  We have access to videos, recordings and live television in which we can see soldiers and the enemy engage in combat. War is all around us, and the thought of fighting with guns against the enemy is kind of scary- in real life; but if we could do these things within the comfort if our own home, it’s kind of a cool thing to think about.  Shooting a gun in general is kind of an exciting and makes your adrenalene flow, but shooting at a human being is a very unreal experience- in real life; but now we have the ability to shoot whatever we want at whoever we want in the comfort, air conditioned home.

Clearly, with games like Call of Duty, our imagination is presented with a great, realistic opportunity to fight against the enemy, and to play it over and over again.  Who wouldn’t appreciate having the power to attack a terrorist camp with realistic weapons, life like visual graphics and the feeling of actually being there on the screen with a click of a button. “Your reasoning, reflexes and imagination are tested to exhilarating limits. That hunk of molded plastic, that PlayStation or Dreamcast, is a magic box that allows you to play with fire” (Poole).  The Call of Duty franchise has set the bar for first person shooters.  From World War 2, to present day Special Forces operations, Call of Duty is there to put you in a realistic scenario from the most dangerous battles.  Call of Duty is a major step in video game history; let’s see what they’ll have to offer in the next three years.

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